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Booking Engine

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Guiding guests through the booking process

This is no ordinary hotel booking system. It is the first and only hotel reservation software harnessing the power of technology to abandon the traditional use of multiple web pages. Instead of disruptive page refreshes, our hotel booking engine restructures itself with carefully choreographed transitions, seamlessly guiding your guests through each stage of the reservation process. Rather than straying to your competitors websites, we keep your guests attention focused on completing their booking with you.
  • Engaging user experience
  • Compelling calls to action
  • Clear user guidance

Rich Multimedia

Research indicates that “online shoppers viewing videos are 89% more likely to book”, and yet some hotel booking systems fail to even show room pictures! We believe the research. Having invested heavily in the technologies underpinning online multimedia, the BladeBooking Engine is now the most visual and multimedia rich hotel reservation experience available today. From photographs and slideshows, to videos and virtual tours, our multimedia offerings are ever expanding!

Don’t have any videos of your hotel offerings?
Not a problem! We have an experienced video production team that can script, film and edit powerful guest converting films. See our video production section

Interactive Calendar View

Too many hotel booking systems fail to even get guests past the date selection stage. At BladeBooking we believe that converting lookers to bookers begins here. That’s why we decided to reinvent the way guests traditionally choose their dates. The result is an interactive calendar view that is straightforward and easy to use, clearly differentiating dates that are available with those that are fully booked. More importantly your guests are engaged immediately and your hotel is another step ahead of the competition.

Collect Guest Details The Easy Way!

People hate filling out forms. Just the sight of them is enough to put off the most hardened of online travel bookers! In fact over three quarters of regular travel website users have abandoned their reservation at the data entry phase for exactly this reason. We couldn’t resist the challenge of designing a unique way to collect guest details. Simple, clean and un-intimidating… the perfect remedy to form filling phobia!